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Regular Cone Chaat
Cheese Cone Chaat
Paneer Cone Chaat
Paneer Cheese Cone Chaat
Classic Papdi Bowl Chaat
Cheese Mania Bowl Chaat
Paneer Cheese Delite Bowl Chaat
Schezwan Cheese Delite Bowl Chaat
Masala Crispy Frankie
Cheese Crispy Frankie
Tandoori Crispy Frankie
Tandoori Cheese Crispy Frankie
Cheesy Nachos
Mexican Cheese Loaded Nachos
Blueberry Drink
Classic Burger
Schezwan Burger
Tandoori Burger
Paneer and Corn Kulhad Pizza
Masala Fries
Cheesy Garlic Bread
Tomato & Cheese Pizza
Onion & Cheese Pizza
Corn & Cheese Pizza
Tandoori Paneer Paradise Pizza
Veg Supreme Delight Pizza
The Cone Chaat

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